[Shadow Dance] 
An interactive, cross-media cognitive space. 
Our installation aims to explore the connections between human movement and the shadows they create.
The correlation between them will be emphasized and matched through music. 
You will get the chance to experience an environment that does not require verbal communication to express what you feel in that very moment. Catching their movements through motion sensors on the wall, our arduino/RasberryPi device will use a code to play sounds of various instrumental music. 
This music will match the speed, tempo and rhythm of the movement created by you.
You will be allowed to move about freely within that space. Any form of movement, dance or gestures will be encouraged. 

Chusu Kim @chusu_kim 
: Directing · Scene design · Sound directing · Lighting design

Taizun Partapurwala @taizun.p :
Creative engineering · Technical direction · Scene design · Lighting design

Michaella Moon @michaellamoon :
Creative coding · DSP (digital sound processing)

Xiao Zhang @cheungshay :
Documentary film directing and videography

Taylor Donofrio @tay.donofrio : Choreography

Mao Tokunaga @juzotokunaga : Dance​​​​​​​
Audience interaction
Behind the scenes

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