Intangible boundary
Ensemble artwork with 15 artists 
Collaboration with a sound designer
6.45  X  4.47 X  4M (H)

Curtain rails, masks, fence, net, wood, cloth, mirror-paper, hologram-paper, LED lights, wires, wood, paint, glue, gesso, rings, speakers, various material.

I participated in the whole process of the project, including planning, conceptual development, and researching the materials for production. In particular, I produced rectangular mask layers and fragments from the column.


Chusu Kim

DoYun Kim

Hye Na Ro

Kyungmin Park

Sujie Park

Jung Bin Park

Sue Hae Sung

NaYoung Song

Hyun Myung Yang

Cena Lee

Seung Hyeon Lee

Jakyung Lee

Hyun Jung Lee

Hyeon Jun Lee

Young Min Choi

Gaeun Lee (Sound design)

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